The Frietas'

Working with you was easy. You are personable and professional and you don't assume what your client wants, you actually listen to them and research out viable possibilities. We hope to not need to move anytime soon but if we did we would wish that you could be our Realtor again!

Joe V'

Ed was very dedicated in his commitment to finding me the type of home I was looking for. I had a certain time limit in mind as well, and he was able to find me a great home for a reasonable price in a short amount of time. Ed was very professional to work with and you can tell he takes a lot of pride in what he does. It was a very positive and productive experience working with Ed. I have lived in my home for almost a year now, and I am just as pleased today as I was the day I purchased the home. Thanks, Ed!


Finding a home can be a grueling task but Ed walked us through the entire process step by step.  His expertise, patience and willingness to go the extra mile were invaluable to us.  We love our new home...thanks Ed!

The Wards'

To this day I believe there was a reason why we stopped to look at a house that was for sale when we weren't even looking to begin with.  Ed was there and we made an instant connection with him.  He continued to keep in touch with us and six months later we decided to sell our house.  He did a great job and was supportive in every way.  He told us everything we needed to do to get our house sold.  Our house sold in under 3 weeks!  Not only that but we found another house and we were able to close on both houses and move out of one and in the other on the same day.  That man can work miracles!!  Our relationship didn't end there.  Ed continues to keep in contact with us.  He is dedicated to his clients and he's someone you need when whether you are making a purchase or selling your home.  Ed will not let you down.

Kathleen Jacko'

I was a first time homeowner with so much excitement, anticipation, and fear.  Ed Beisler was amazing to me and my family throughout the whole searching and buying process.  He was extremely knowledgeable and encouraging.  Ed was very positive during my times of worry (my own fears of finding the "perfect home.").  It was such a pleasure working with him.  I felt confident during our closing when I saw his smiling face across the table.  

We have been living in our home for 1 year now and Ed still keeps in touch....that will never end.  I have been so lucky to have Ed as my guide and friend. 

Will Berglund and Lisa Favro'

Our experience with Ed could not have been better.  He was extremely knowledgeable about the entire home buying process, and his ability to effectively communicate with us and others was invaluable. Ed worked diligently and effectively, and we truly believe that he was instrumental in helping us find the home of our dreams.

Vanessa and Matt'

We met Ed at an open house before we knew enough to get our own realtor. Even though he did not work for us at that time he was so helpful, offering invaluable advice to us as first time homebuyers without making us feel ignorant or naive. We then worked with him for several months as we painstakingly looked for just the right home. He was incredibly patient and showed us over 30 homes (we are very picky)!  He was great at helping us stick to our budget and stay grounded when we became a little too excited about higher priced homes. We were particularly impressed with his personable nature and his absolute availability - I emailed him once at 11:00 at night and he actually emailed right back! He's also a great guy to have pizza and a beer with. We would recommend him highly to anyone.

The Randalls'

Ed has been, in my experience, the most helpful agent I have ever had. His hard work and dedication made it possible for me to purchase my new home that I love. When I needed an appraisal done 2 years later, he was there for me then too, no questions asked.
Thanks Ed.

The Crows'

Ed Beisler was a terrific guy to work with. The quality of his work is exceptional and always professional. We had a wonderful experience with the selling of our home and if a Realtor is needed in the future, Ed will be the one we call.

The Galarneaus'

We had a great experience with Ed during a tough market for real estate. He was attentive to our personal needs and always very explanatory of any question small or big we had throughout the entire process.

Jen and Christopher Cole'

Ed was the first Realtor we met when looking for our first house, and we knew right away that he was the right agent for us. We met him at a house he was showing, and after talking to him, he told us that this house was not the one for us. That was one of the qualities that we liked best. He was always open and honest with us. Ed answered our many questions and walked us through every procedure. He also changed his schedule for us on multiple occasions when meetings went longer than anticipated. We felt very comfortable with him keeping track of appointments, and being in constant contact with the other people involved. We ended up having a rough closing day, where the previous owner was not keeping up with the designed schedule. Ed kept his cool, and rearranged the closing meeting twice while reassuring us as first time buyers that we would make it through the day! We did, and now we have a great home thanks to him =)

S. Vanderbilt'

I confess, like most homeowners, I am proud of any home that I've owned and I am very particular about a potential home I may consider purchasing. I went to an open house where I met Mr. Beisler who was the gracious host; giving tours and handing out information. I went back to that house two more times and I didn't buy it. If Ed was disgusted, as I would have been if I was the realtor, he never showed it. Let us continue...later I continued to look at homes and after awhile, I placed my home on the market with Ed. I was looking at houses on-line every evening, calling Ed to see what additional information he might be able to provide and we'd decide if it was something I wanted to see. I don't know how many homes we looked at together, how many I didn't buy because I couldn't make up my mind and how many offers were made on the purchase of my home, but never was there a man who had the patience of a saint with this crazy woman. This is a normally stressful time; buying and selling a home. Ladies & gentlemen, if I tell you that I almost went over the table at my closing, you should believe me. Ask Ed, he was the calming force in a complicated situation. We made it, everything worked out beautifully and I am very happy with my new home (which is my 4th home). Ed is knowledgeable, professional and still a fun person to have in your real estate corner. I'd highly recommend him!

Kelly B

I would recommend Ed to anyone looking for a real estate agent that provides Great Results, Personable, and High Integrity.

Joe Landy

“Ed's customer service practices are unsurpassed in the Real Estate industry. I am continuously impressed with the manner in which he handles his clients as well as himself. He is a consummate professional whose career has been built on integrity and sincerity. I would not hesitate to recommend Ed's services to anyone that I knew that was interested in buying or selling a home. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions (518) 436-8586.” March 6, 2009